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About iRock

  • About iROCK!

    • “Fostering role models for future generations”

    Our Vision

    Our vision is a world where young people have equal opportunities and the capability and confidence to excel in the job market and establish successful businesses, resulting in a brighter future for their communities as a whole.

    Our Team

    Based in London with a global reach, iROCK! is run by a dedicated team overseen by a board of trustees. The social enterprise was set up in 2011 in response to experience of young people globally facing challenges in overcoming employment and enterprise barriers.

    Interested in becoming a Trustee?

    Please apply: enquiries@irockuk.org


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  • What We Do

    iROCK! provides young people with the support, skills, technology, networks to enable them to become successful – in their careers and their businesses – so that they can contribute to the economy and have a stronger voice in their communities.

    Working in partnership with non-profit, private and public sector organisations, we aim to develop sustainable projects that provide solutions to the challenges faced by those embarking on new careers or setting up new businesses.

    iROCK! works towards filling the gap in the economy known as the ‘missing middle’ by pushing through a new generation of young business leaders and entrepreneurs through our mentorship programme.

    The young people we work with have the potential to become successful executives and entrepreneurs but they are struggling to progress due to economic and societal pressures. With iROCK!, these young people will gain the confidence they need to pursue their dreams and create employment opportunities as entrepreneurs or executives, inspiring others and helping to drive economic growth.

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