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  • 2016 – Greenwich Project

    2016 - Greenwich Project

    March 2016 – Ongoing

    • iROCK! UK has been invited by Visit Greenwich Big Lottery – Awards for All Programme -to participate in The Workzone Campaign (Pathway2work)

    In the Royal Borough of Greenwich nearly 25% of young people live in poverty and according to 2014 figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS), youth unemployment in the borough is still very high at approximately 20%. In addition 50% of Greenwich residents aged 19 years and over are without a level 3 qualification. Greenwich also has a high level of non-claimants who wish to work but are unable to do so because of a range of barriers including lack of experience, confidence, low level basic skills and lack of relevant IT skills. Low levels of work-related soft skills also play a part in the high level of worklessness or unemployment in the target groups. These groups include women returners and ethnic minorities who are three times less likely to secure full time employment.

    In Greenwich, the local tourism sector is expanding rapidly, with a predicted growth of 28% in the next three years. Tourism is particularly amenable as an entry point into employment for young people and offers local opportunities to build a rewarding career in a growing sector. VG regularly surveys its 97 partner organisations and there is significant demand for local people to work in these businesses, due to their local knowledge, skills and proximity to work.

    Tourism is a great entry point career, particularly for young people. Feedback from local businesses also indicates a significant demand for people with foreign language skills and cultural understanding that is not being met locally. VG will provide the specific connections and up-to-date industry expertise and skills for local people. These skills will also enable participants to access other sectors through transferable skills in administration, social media, event management and customer service as well as soft skills like interview, communication and team-working skills.


    Visit Greenwich has been successful in securing a small amount of funding from The Big Lottery. The funding is for a “pathways to tourism” project that will ensure that jobs and careers in Greenwich’s tourism sector promoted to 18-24 year old unemployed people in harder to reach communities across the Borough. It is hoped that this small pilot can provide a platform for a much bigger campaign in 2016 to help generate opportunities for this generation & illustrate a change in mind set.

    Campaign objectives
    • To inspire young people in Woolwich, Eltham and Greenwich to see tourism as providing opportunities for a job or career path
    • To generate interest and attendance at briefing sessions from Visit Greenwich industry partners.
    Target audience
    • 18-24 year olds throughout the Borough
    • Likely to be unemployed/between jobs
    • Limited training and education
    Key messages
    • Tourism is big business in Greenwich and London (15,000 to 250,000 employed)
    • Significant growth is coming to Greenwich – Intercontinental hotel, retail offer at The O2, London City Cruise Port, Tall Ships 2017 etc
    • “Tourism is not what you think” – more than just hospitality. Also attractions, entertainment, events, marketing, retail, transport.
    • Visit Greenwich conducted a – Go live with promotional material & Video – January 2016
    • iROCK has participated in Mentoring and talk Events, at the end of February to March 2016 in Woolwich , Eltham & Greenwich.

    The seminar’s had 5 mentors within the Tourism , leisure & entertainment sector to help inspire this target audience.

    The mentors provided:

    • Information advise & guidance for the target group on breaking into the tourism sector.
    • Provide access to potential Jobs, training or work experience within the tourism sector.
    • Mentors could help to explain that transferable skills can be applied to sectors such as administration, social media , customer
    • service & job rolls that this target audience would of never associated within tourism.
    • Mentors can provide after seminar support on a monthly bases to help support & encourage a single candidate. Depends on the mentors circumstances.